Chasing Perfection

One thing I’ve learnt during my short time on this earth is that passionate people make beautiful things, and Adrian Tobin of Tobin Wines is no exception.

Nestled in the Granite Belt in the South East corner of Queensland, Australia, is Tobin Wines vineyard. It is here that some magic happens; handcrafted, small batch, limited edition wines.


Mr Tobin’s quest for perfection is realised in his Elliot Merlot, one of the best reds I have tasted in the new world. This is only surpassed by his aged 2014 Jacob Reserva Tempranillo, which as the most wine snobbish of the group, I was lucky enough to be permitted to try. Not yet for sale, this wine whisked me away to Europe and beyond and had me asking ‘can I really not buy this yet – I’ll take a case!’ Like something tasted and not owned, it will linger in my thoughts until I return to purchase it 2020. Tobin was reluctant to take credit, citing that it is the vines. At Tobin Wines they talk about growing their wine, not making it. The focus is firmly on the grapes.

Taking to wine growing for retirement he set out to make quality wines, not in the mass-produced manner that has taken over most of the industry.

The Tobin Wines cellar door in my top pick of things to do while visiting the Granite Belt. We went there with Filippo’s Tours.

Read more about the area in my travel post – Queensland’s Alpine Retreat.


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