Best of London

You could spend a lifetime in London and only scratch the surface. There are endless things to see and do and experiences to have. I was lucky enough to call London home for a few years so to help you enjoy the best of what this world-renowned city has to offer, here are a few of my favourite experiences. Yes, it’s all about food and drinks!

Perfect place for lunch

Nestled in Richmond Upon Thames in Southwest London, Petersham Nurseries, is one of my favourite lunch spots ever. Dine amongst antique furniture, on sand-swept floors, amid greenery and fragrant flowers, all set within a greenhouse. It’s like dining in a secret garden. The menu celebrates the slow food philosophy and dishes up seasonal produce with flair. Start and end your visit with a stroll through the nursery and garden shop. Stop and smell the roses and search their eclectic collection of homewares for the perfect keepsake.

High Tea

Invented in England, there is no better place to experience High Tea than London and there are plenty of options. The Ritz is probably the most famous but my absolute favourite is Sketch London. Candy pink velvet sofas, quirky messages on the crockery, delightful sandwiches and delicious sweet treats all washed down with rose champagne. Drink plenty of tea because the ‘eggloos’ are rather unique too! Sketch London is also home to a two Michelin star restaurant and a cocktail and music bar so you could spend the whole day hopping from meal to meal!

Dinner with a view

Two words. Sushi Samba. Located near Liverpool Street Station, Sushi Samba offers a unique blend of Peruvian, Brazilian and Japanese cuisine. While the food is spectacular, it’s the view that will steal your heart. The floor-to-very-high-ceiling windows will have you surveying the city for miles and miles. Then there’s the open-air terrace (the highest in Europe) and a glass elevator to get you there. It was here I tried my first sake.

Sushi Samba
Sushi Samba

Cocktail Bar

I went through a stage of wanting to try the best cocktail bars in London. There are a lot of contenders, but my favourite is the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy. Located on the Strand in the heart of it all, as you step through the gilded doors you will be completely transported. The moody art deco setting is seductive and the cocktails exceptional. They really are next level and pair perfectly with their hot and cold small plates. Drinks are served in vintage glassware and an array of champagne is served by the glass (and bottle!).

IMG_6328 2
Beaufort Bar cocktail

Somewhere to take it all in

If you read my posts you’ll notice a bit of a theme. I tend to head to a high point of any destination to soak up the place and take it all in. While there are lots of places to get a bird’s eye view of London (the Shangri-La Hotel in the Shard and the London Eye etc.), the one that keeps me coming back time and time again can be found on top of One New Change in the City of London. The Roof Terrace offers views of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, the London Eye, the Shard and more. I think it’s something about the height of the terrace; it’s only a few stories high so you feel like you’re part of the city around you. Best enjoyed at sunset, there’s also a bar and restaurant if you want to linger a little longer.

One New Change
One New Change roof terrace

Outside of London…

There is so much to see (and eat) outside of London too. The Red Lion in East Chisenbury is among the best freehouses in the country and further North my favourite review site SquidBeak has never led me astray. I mapped out country walks around the pubs on the site.

If you manage to check out these places, let me know what you think and if you’ve got a London favourite, comment below. I’m always looking for new places to explore.


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